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Lola is the smartest eight-year-old she herself has ever met. She loves school, and she loves learning and is always ahead of her classmates. With her sharp mind, she approaches any situation logically and analyses the facts before making any decisions. Sometimes, she gets upset because some of the other kids make fun of her for being smart. Obviously, they’re just jealous. But it still hurts. Because Lola is so smart, she often finds it difficult to bond with children her own age and would much rather have a conversation with a grown-up. Lola isn’t very adventurous or sporty. But she does enjoy playing her violin.


Liam is Lola’s twin brother. Liam likes school because he gets to see all his friends, but he wishes they had more recess time rather than math lessons. Math just gets in the way of all the fun stuff at school. Liam is super sporty and always the first one climbing a tree or winning a race. Liam is also fearless and happy to jump head-first from the board into the deep end of the swimming pool. Liam doesn’t like to listen to grown-ups and constantly tries to outsmart any rules they come up with. He also doesn’t like to put any effort into anything; so when things get difficult, Liam is very quick to give up. Liam loves animals – particularly Nana’s black dog, Coco.



With his six years, Toby is the baby of the family—and he knows it. He is very naughty and always pushes the boundaries. He’s probably learnt that from his big brother. But with his cheeky smile, he can charm the socks off any adult - and they don’t even realise it’s happening. When he is too small to do something, he gets very frustrated and throws the most amazing temper tantrums. Toby is very active and is constantly moving around. He is quite brave and happy to try out anything new, but he does get scared sometimes when things get a little too frightening. Then he prefers to hide behind one of his big siblings. His favourite sibling is Liam because he is so much fun.


Sara is 11 years old and way too cool to play with her little siblings. She likes to chat with her friends online, follow her favourite celebrities on social media and produce and share her own video clips. She likes anything that doesn’t involve her annoying little brothers and sister—only maybe sometimes when they come up with a really good game to play. Then she doesn’t mind joining them. However, Sara is very caring and always looks out for her younger siblings. But she wouldn’t ever tell them that.


Nana is the best grandma in the world. She is probably 135 years old. Maybe even a little older, nobody knows for sure. Nana lives on Teazle Farm, and the four children love spending time with her. Nana makes them eat lots of vegetables, but that’s ok because all the fruit and veggies come from Nana’s own garden. Nana has a large, black dog called Coco and some other animals, such as chickens, geese, goats, a few cats and an old horse. Nana is a very good listener, and she makes the best chocolate chip muffins ever.

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