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Have you ever tamed a terrifying octops?

Lola's newest adventure is out! Grab your copy now!

Lola is the smartest eight-year-old she herself has ever met. With her sharp mind, she approaches every situation logically and analyses the facts before making any decisions. Sometimes, she gets upset because some of the other kids make fun of her for being smart. Obviously, they’re just jealous. But it still hurts. Because Lola is so smart, she often finds it difficult to bond with children her own age as she struggles to engage in creative play.

When Lola and her siblings decide to spend the afternoon swimming in Nana’s pond, they soon find themselves in a magical world where they can breathe underwater. They explore this fascinating underwater realm and even discover a hidden treasure chest which is guarded by a terrifying octopus! While Lola´s siblings quickly slip into this imaginary world and come up with creative ideas to distract the creature from the treasure, Lola struggles to immerse herself in the game. Will she find a way to overcome her reluctance and join this amazing make-believe world? After all, there is a treasure to salvage!

This book bursts with fun ideas for imaginative play while encouraging a responsible approach to screen time. A great read to encourage children to strive for a growth mindset!

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